News Story

At the recent Midwest Bank Leaders Conference, the Illinois Bankers Association proudly celebrated the induction of three distinguished banking professionals, all from Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust, into the ranks of the IBA's 50-Year Club.

The 50-Year Club membership honors bankers who have dedicated over five decades to the banking industry, recognizing their lasting impact on their communities. Induction into the 50-Year Club is a significant milestone, symbolizing a sense of pride, cherished memories, and a profound sense of accomplishment for the invaluable contributions these individuals have made to their industry.

"We are truly honored to welcome three exceptional bankers from Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust into the IBA's 50-year club. Their decades of unwavering dedication and expertise have not only enriched our industry but have also served as an inspiration to us all,” said Randy Hultgren, IBA President and CEO. “Their induction is a testament to their commitment to banking and their long-standing legacies in the industry."

Inductees include:

  1. Jerry L. Frump, Manager of Bank Operation – Frump’s career spans over five decades in banking, beginning at the First National Bank in Rantoul, IL, in 1971, steadily rising to Vice-President and Cashier. His journey led him through roles at various financial institutions, including Heritage Bank, Bank of Shorewood, and eventually Metropolitan Capital Bank & Trust in Chicago, where he played a crucial role as one of the original organizers in charge of bank operations.
  2. Dick Keneman, Director and Executive Vice President - Keneman brings more than 55 years of banking and regulatory experience to his role as Director and Executive Vice President of Metropolitan Capital's banking unit. As a founding member of the bank, his dedication to its success is evident. Keneman's career began in 1968 as an examiner with the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, overseeing banks in Atlanta, North Georgia, and Washington DC. He later played pivotal roles in Commercial Real Estate, Middle Market Banking, and Wealth Management at Cole Taylor Bank in Chicago before joining the formation group of Metropolitan Capital Bank, where he remains an integral part of the organization.
  3. Frank Novel, President – Novel boasts a remarkable 55-year career in banking and regulatory roles. Beginning as an FDIC examiner in 1968, he climbed the ranks, serving as President of the State Bank of Lombard and facilitating its sale to Edgemark Financial. Throughout his career, Novel has been instrumental in several bank acquisitions, and his commitment to community involvement and his long-standing legacy as a leader in banking underscores his dedication to the industry.

These three individuals have made invaluable contributions to the banking industry, and their induction into the 50-Year Club is a testament to their accomplishments. Join us in celebrating their remarkable achievements and contributions to the banking world.