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The IBA supports and promotes many programs that encourage and promote financial services careers. Connect with us to learn what program fits your organization.

Association House of Chicago

The IBA has teamed up with the Association of House of Chicago to train young adults from low-income and minority communities for lasting careers in the financial services industry. This 8-week free training program has already propelled more than 3,000 graduates in the U.S. into rewarding careers with exceptional results. Join other banks as a financial industry partner in this innovative program that expanded to the Chicago area in 2017.

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Banking is a profession that offers a huge variety of opportunities as well as the possibility of early responsibility, rapid career progression, and good pay and benefits. For those willing to accept the challenge, the rewards can be great. BankTalentHQ helps banks find quality candidates for their job openings, and it also provides prospective employees with the tools and connections to help them succeed in a financial services industry position.

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BankTalentHQ: Micro-Internships

BankTalentHQ Micro-Internships provide businesses with opportunities to engage high-caliber college students on short-term, professional projects in financial services roles. Beyond the on-demand support, this also helps companies in their efforts to recruit top talent by allowing them to identify, engage, and assess potential hires. Micro-Internships support businesses, their local communities, and their industries. Through these projects, college students, and recent grads from across the nation will build their networks and gain the valuable, professional experiences they crave to help launch their careers.

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Harper College

Harper College, an IBA partner, is the only community college in the state that qualifies as a program sponsor of Registered Apprenticeship Programs. These programs combine job-related credit courses with structured on-the-job learning experiences, which offer employers the opportunity to strengthen and build their workforce by providing a tailored, high-quality talent pipeline. Harper offers several industry-related apprenticeship programs, including Banking & Finance, Sales & Retail Management, and Cyber Security.

Harper College, located in Palatine, Illinois, works with Illinois financial institutions to establish a curriculum that fits their bank and provides mentoring to your bank.

Marquette University

The Commercial Banking Program at Marquette offers a diverse range of courses, including 

  • An entry-level course in banking, 
  • An overview of the primary leadership functions in the banking environment, and
  • A risk management course addressing the risk evaluation process banks engage in as they execute their duties and responsibilities.

Since its inception, the IBA has been active with the Commercial Banking Program, offered under the College of Business Administration, by serving on the program’s Advisory Board.

Money Smart

The FDIC's Money Smart financial education program helps people of all ages enhance their financial skills and creates positive banking relationships. First released in 2001 and regularly updated since then, Money Smart has a long track record of success. Research demonstrates that the Money Smart curriculum can positively influence how adults manage their finances, and these changes are sustainable in the months following the training.

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