Regulatory University - Free Online Compliance Training

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Keep your employees informed of changing laws and regulations with this online training platform. Your employees have access to 100 interactive courses in key regulatory areas.

Your in-house program administrator has the ability to enroll employees, assign specified courses, and run sophisticated management reports to monitor each employee’s progress while enabling your organization to determine additional training needs.

By participating in this program, you can demonstrate to examiners that your organization has a thorough and ongoing company-wide training program! Regulatory University is used by every prudential industry regulator, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau!

Enroll Your Organization

Thank you for your interest in Regulatory University. To enroll your organization, simply follow these instructions.

  1. Choose a "Primary Administrator" from your organization to begin the enrollment process.
  2. Complete the enrollment form. 

After submission of the enrollment form, the primary administrator will be contacted within five business days with an informational package from Regulatory University. It will include the administrator's username and password. All fields must be completed before submitting the enrollment form.

Enrollment Form



Primary Administrator Role

Identify the main point of contact(s) between Regulatory University and FIS Global who would be responsible for:


  • Enrolling their financial institution
  • Reads and agrees to the License Agreement
  • Assigns other administrators within the institution
  • Receives training
  • Oversees management reports