As the premier association representing the Illinois banking industry, we advocate by initiating, negotiating, and lobbying for pro-banking state legislation while opposing legislation harmful to the banking industry. At the federal level, we maintain effective relations with Illinois’ Congressional delegation and coordinate critical Washington, D.C. banker visits. At the local level, IBA monitors Chicago City Council ordinances and actions and actively lobbies the city government.


Overview of Issues

Initiates banker-supported legislation and advocates industry positions. Learn about the latest issues unfolding in Springfield and Washington D.C.

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Action Alerts

Find timely legislative issues, where prompt grassroots action by financial services industry employees is needed to voice our concerns to governing bodies.

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Illinois Bankers PAC

The IBA’s political action committee is the largest PAC devoted to local, state and federal candidates and elected officials who support the interests of the banking industry.

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Connect with Legislators

The Legislative Ambassador program is an effective grassroots communications network between bankers and legislators in Springfield and Washington.

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Comment Letters

Read the IBA's comment letters submitted in response to requests for public comment by state or federal regulatory agencies.

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Banker Toolkits

Access IBA's toolkit page to obtain relevant and valuable resources on various topics that can help you stay ahead in the banking industry.

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