Future Leaders Alliance

Transform talented employees, new or seasoned, by cultivating the next generation of bank leaders through the dynamic Future Leaders Alliance Program (FLA). This unique program builds employee confidence, creates a positive environment, and strengthens the organization’s performance. The FLA leadership framework contains an emphasis on personal and professional development, community service, and networking. 





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Program Topics

Program Topics

  • Accounting
  • Asset Liability Management 
  • Bank Marketing
  • Bank Profitability
  • Bank Simulation
  • Collaboration Skills & Team Building
  • Consumer Age
  • Cybersecurity
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Economic Investment Day
  • Economic Update
  • Everything’s a Presentation
  • Executive Coaching
  • FHLB Overview and Public Policy Issues
  • Fintech
  • IBA Legal Staff Function
  • Human Resources
  • IBA Engagement & Involvement
  • Importance of Advocacy
  • Investment, Bonds, & Portfolios
  • Lead for Success
  • Leadership & Influence
  • Management 
  • Money Ball for Bankers
  • Networking
  • The Art and Science of ‘Peopling’
  • Trends in Bank Tech

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Financial Literacy Project

Participants must complete two hours of financial literacy instruction for a local school, retirement home, community or non-profit group during the program year. This requirement allows participants to invest in their communities. 

Continuing Education

Participants must complete one IBA sponsored Conference/Seminar/Forum or IBA two webinars. Current students receive a 50% discount off all IBA educational products. This requirement allows participants to invest in themselves.

Advancement Strategy Project

Participants will create a program for their bank which could vary from streamlined processes, new avenues for revenue, a new marketing campaign, an advocacy plan, etc. The participant will present and review feedback from their class with expectations to present it to their executives. This requirement allows participants to invest in their organization.



Qualifying Criteria

  • Recommendation of Supervisor or Senior Manager
  • Employed by an IBA member institution
  • Minimum of 2 years banking experience
  • Demonstrate excellence in banking through outstanding performance

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'24 FLA Program
Scholarship Awarded
to Two Applicants

Sponsored by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago


'23 IBA's Washington
Visit Awarded
to Two Applicants

Sponsored by the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago and IBA   


'23 ABA's Government
Relations Summit Awarded
to Two Applicants

Sponsored by the American Bankers Association

How to Register

How to Register

Fee: $1,795

All six leadership sessions and networking events. Travel and
accommodation costs are not included in registration fee.

Is There an Age Requirement?

The program is open to all member bank employees.

Can Anyone From Within the Bank Apply?

Yes! The program is available to all bank member employees.

FLA Cancellation Policy

If a participant cancels within 30 days prior to the first session -
90% refund; 30 days prior the second session 50% refund; after
completion of the second session - no refund.

Tax Deduction

Expenses, including fees, travel, meals and lodging intended to
maintain and improve professional skills, are tax deductible subject
to the Internal Revenue Code.

Staying Active Post FLA

Staying Active Post FLA

Being involved with the FLA program doesn’t stop at graduation. Staying active with future FLA classes and the IBA is our vision for all graduates. Several of our alumni have established long-lasting friendships with other students and those relationships are beneficial not only professionally, but personally as well.
There are several ways to help keep that momentum going long after completion of the program:


Become a part of our mentor program. Throughout the year, there are several opportunities for you to serve as that friendly and helpful face to our Future Leaders. 


Be a part of panel discussions held throughout the class year. A great way to communicate your ideas, concerns and tips with our next group of Future Leaders.


Receipt of the FLA quarterly e-newsletter that includes alumni spotlight articles, pictures from past and present FLA sessions, reminders of upcoming FLA and IBA events, mentoring opportunities, polls/surveys, and news articles pertinent to our industry. 

FLA Discount

As an FLA alumni, you'll receive a 10% discount off all IBA major conferences and networking events.

FLA Facebook Group

Inclusion in our FLA Facebook group which showcases photos/videos, upcoming FLA and IBA events, mentoring opportunities, questions from current students to alumni, and alumni updates - a great online networking opportunity. 

Summits & Reunion

Invitation to summits and reunions where alumni can gather together again with their classmates along with other alumni as they experience a day of learning and continuing education then join together for some fun, networking, laughs and the creation of new FLA memories later that night. Reunions to be held every 5-years.

FLA Peer Group Email

Inclusion in our FLA Peer Group Email where alumni and current students have a platform to ask their peers questions regarding challenges they are facing or to brainstorm ideas.

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