Financial Careers Training

How would you like for your financial institution to become a partner in a growing workforce program that has propelled more than 2,000 graduates into rewarding financial industry careers with exceptional results?

This 8-week free training program is seeking Chicagoland financial institutions to partner with the IBA, Association House of Chicago to train young adults from low income and minority communities for lasting financial industry careers.


  • Qualified and job-ready Teller, Customer Service Representative, Relationship Banker and Personal Banker candidates
  • Employee loyalty
  • Investment in the local community and extended reach into underserved communities
  • Retention rates that exceed what banks generally achieve
  • The opportunity to earn CRA credits by facilitating workshops and mentoring participants

Interested? Connect with the Association House of Chicago at 773-772-7170, or the IBA at or 217-789-9340.

 Association House

Graduate Quotes

Being a part of BankWork$ not only helped me to reincorporate into the workforce, it also reinforced my confidence and gave me all the tools to be ready and be part of a financial institution. Now I have financial stability, and I am building a career in the banking world. My future never looked so bright! Thank you Bankwork$!

Patricia Morales - Universal Banker, Associated Bank

The BankWork$ program is a dream come true. I always knew I wanted to work in a bank, but I never thought I’d have an advantage like this. Not only did it help me start my career, but it also opened my eyes to see that the smallest opportunities could turn out to be one of the biggest blessings in life.

Diana Fernandez - Peak Time Teller, US Bank


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